Download E-Aadhaar Card with Aadhaar Number

If you know, you might be knowing you can update your Aadhaar card as well. While applying for Aadhaar card, on the off chance that you have erroneously given wrong or off base data can be rectified later by means of online Aadhaar refresh administrations. You can correct or update the Aadhaar details online or offline, and it is very easy and anyone can do it. The Aadhaar system is the most popular and a huge site of the country, so mistakes can happen, to eradicate those mistakes.

You can use this Aadhar card as the identity of proof or even address proof, whenever you require it. It gives great security and the data is very much centralized. You have to first apply for the Aadhar card, and once applied you will have to wait for it to get issued. Aadhar card is an essential document for every individual in the country of India. This address proof provides a variety of government services and government benefits in order to avail them at ease.

Download E-Aadhaar Card with Aadhaar Number

You can now check the status of your address proof with the help of UIDAI portal with the following steps:

  1. By login in the portal You will be requested to enter your details in the form that has appeared in front of you.
  2. You first have to enter the enrolment ID, you would have received this ID when enrolling for the Aadhar Card. The registration ID is a 14 figure which would be brought upon the receipt of the Aadhaar Enrolment Form.
  3. In the second tower, enter the Date and Time. The Date and Time should be entered from the form receipt itself.
  4. Now you have to enter the security code, which will be displayed in front of you as an image with alphanumerical characters.
  5. It will direct you to another web window, which will show you your aadhaar status, if you feel something fishy or if there is no aadhaar status, then you have to escalate this issue in 1947, which is their helpline number.
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Download E-Aadhaar UIDAI portal

You can download your E-Aadhaar by entering into the UIDAI portal with following steps.

  1. Entering your enrolment id number in the page opened UIDAI official Website
  2. You can enter your name, the security code and you’re other details as well.
  3. Here, you aadhaar card is. You can download it and get a printout of it.
  4. You can edit and update your aadhaar card in any means either by offline or online with the help of UIDAI.

Make sure you go to the correct and authorized enrollment center, there are frauds happening, you ought to be safe. Updating your address proof is very doing it online. You can also download your E Aadhar with the help of aadhaar number, and have to just fill it with other details and there you go, you will get a page to download your E aadhaar.

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