FSC Telangana, Food Security Card Telangana, and TS FSC

FSC Telangana card is a multi-purpose document like identity proof, ration card, etc in Telangana. The food security card is the type of ration card, which is a legal document for getting groceries at a subsidized rate in the state of Telangana. In this article, we will discuss FSC Telangana, and you will get all the information related to this by reading the whole article carefully.

TDPS Telangana

TDPS is launched in the year 1997 by the Indian government. This scheme is mainly focused on the poor for below poverty line people. Its main aim is to provide groceries and fuel at a low cost. 

Beneficiaries category

Government has divided the beneficiary into the three groups that are

  • APL: it is for the above poverty line. Any people who come to the Above Poverty line can apply for the APL ration card.
  • BPL: BPL stands for below the poverty line. The beneficiary who comes under the BPL section can apply for the BPL ration card to get food security ration card.
  • AAY: AAY ration card was launched in December 2004 the poorest among the BPL family. The individual who can apply for the ration card are:
  • Agricultural Laborers’ food does not have land.
  • Marginal farmers, Slum-dwellers and the people who earned daily for their livelihood like porters, a rickshaw puller, cobbler, etc.
  • The head of the family is windows or disabled persons or persons having age 60 or above.
  • Tribal households
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EPDS FSC Telangana

  • FSC card helps poor people to receive groceries at an affordable cost.
  • EPDS FSC card links with Aadhar card and bank account. It is health identity proof.
  • FSC is one of the essential documents as The Identity document of family.

FSC Telangana eligibility

  • The applicant should not already FSC cardholder.
  • EWS citizens can apply for the FSC.
  • A recently married couple can apply for the FSC.
  • Expired or temporary ration cardholders can apply FSC Telangana.

Document required for FSC Telangana

  • Application form of FSC Aadhar proof
  • Address proof

New FSC Telangana card fee

  • The service charge is rupees 30.
  • There is no any Statutory charge.
  • You need to pay a total of Rs 35 for the new FSC card.

Registration for the FSC Telangana

If you want to apply for the FSC then you need to follow the below steps:

  • First of all, you required to visit the official site of FSC website.FSC Telangana
  • Download the application form by clicking on the application form link.
  • Click on the “application for new food security card” under the civil supplies.
  • Make a tick mark on the box of FSC.
  • Now, fill all the details and the information which you need to fill are:
  • Aadhar card number.
  • Name of the head of the family.
  • Father/spouse name.
  • Gender.
  • Social status.
  • Gas connection details.
  • Address proof.
  • Details of members of the family.

How to download FSC Telangana card

  • Go to the official website
  • Click on the FSC search
  • Select the name of your district.
  • Now, click your FSR reference no. Or you can also fill your ration card number.
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if your name is in the FSC list, then you are eligible to download the FSC ration card.

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